With songs like Unforgettable, The Way You Look Tonight and La Vie En Rose, Michael and Karli romance a crowd right onto the dance stage. Vinyl & Sheen are top shelf ingredients to make the perfect formal event. As versatile as they come, this dynamic duo can perform a host of genres and styles, specializing in Jazz standards, pop tunes and Disney covers.

Michael and Karli have been developing their craft separately from a very young age. When they started working together in 2017 it was electric. Their musical taste and drive was a perfect match, complimenting one another's strengths and developing their weaknesses.

Karli feels this collaboration is an important step in a life-long career in music. Michael believes that with the right souls working together anything is possible. And their dreams are big ones, Michael isn't just the guitarist, he is often the musical writer, lyricist, producer, arranger, and personality on stage. Karli is a force to be reckoned with. Her drive and vision in business and event planning is outmatched by none. She isn't your everyday vocalist. She plays stand up bass, is a lyricist, an MC and scats like a soulful siren of jazz. The pair make a mean team and a stellar addition to any event.


Flame & Skewers residency

Our favorite local Mediterranean restaurant has asked us to join them for another Friday night of dinner and live music last week and we were more than happy to oblige. All our dear friends joined us for a fun-filled night taking pictures and singing along to Vinyl & Sheen classics and several special requests. We couldn't help but bring our new Polaroid to take pictures and give out our brand new stickers! Get yours from the request link here!

Voyage LA Magazine

It was an exciting day when me and Michael heard back from VoyageLA announcing that they would be using our interview on there website and news feed. It felt good to get the opportunity to tell our story and share some hardships and some highlights to the folks that get a chance to read it. 

Pride Picnic, presented by Queer SCV and others

We were more than happy to support our home town with music presented by Hipified Records from the Pride month event through Queer SCV. The picnic was a beautiful gathering of strangers and lovers with rainbows and inclusivity.

The Awesometown Sound Podcast

We can't be more excited to be connecting with local music around Santa Clarita. It's exciting to see more and more music related businesses popping up all over. Don't miss our episode out Wednesday, May 1 on Vinyl & Sheen and Hipified Records and the shows and live music happening around town this week!

Hipified Records 2nd Album Release Party

Vinyl & Sheen are at it again! Find your way over to the Canyon Country side of SCV this weekend! Hipified Records has a line up of talent that you won't believe. We will be hosting their 2nd annual Album Release party! We heard you like music so we're having a little music in between your music!

Other Projects

Michael and Karli are also involved in a number of other projects. Please click below to explore those websites for bands they are individually involved with:

Out Of Time